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2016-01-19  Click:

It’s a delightful moment when I have heard that I have been chosen from my office as a liaison officer for the international economic relationship seminar in Fujian, China. 

I have been going to Beijing before in 2010, and it is so much interesting to be able to visit china again, more over to go to Fujian, one of the largest province areas in China.  

Once I arrived in the airport on November 18th 2015 around 10 pm, and one official from foreign affairs department, Miss Ginger, who is so sweet and full of hospitality had already wait at the airport lounge to escort me to the hotel. It turned out that one friend from Argentina, that is Ms Laura also have arrived at the same time, and we all met for the first time, and all of us turned out to be missing the opening ceremony which is happened to be held in the morning. 

In the next morning, at breakfast time and before the lecturer start, I have chances to meet up with other delegates from 18 different countries, wow I felt so surprise that Fujian province had this activity which successfully gathered 28 participants from 18 different countries of 5 continents all over the world. I can imagine all of the hard works behind all of this, and I truly respect the Fujian province for this. 

During the seminar, there were so many information regarding the conditions of Fujian provinces, the policies, the histories, the rich culture, and the immense developments of all aspects in Fujian province and generally in China, which I absorbed and found out more. It's so much interesting. What makes this even more perfect is that the itinerary of this program was arranged with outdoor activities which are so much fun. The visit to Gu Lang Yu Island is the most interesting part which I can't forget besides going to great museums. All of the activities makes me realized that Fujian has a very rich culture and it already so well developed even from ancient time and also it had became a tremendous melting pot for thousands of years. Not so many provinces or countries have that kind of opportunity. I think all of those important things should be kept well preserved, well maintained and highly promoted by the government and the people of Fujian continuously. Because it will become the magnet of attractions to people all around the world to visit Fujian, and hopefully I think it can be developed later to be one of world heritage sites in China besides the great wall...for its valuable historical relics. 

A proverb said that a great nation is a nation that respects its history. I am quite sure in a very short period with all the potentials, hospitality and good characters of the people, inherited advantages and tremendous development, China will become a great nation in this world. 

 (By Nuniek Noorfiani)