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Training in Fuzhou

2016-01-19  Click:

My name is Deborah Gichuki from Kenya. I participated in a training held by Fujian investment forum especially for Kenya. Now we have the devolved system where a lot can be done between Chin as a country and Kenya through Fujian province.


It’s through the training that I was able to fully understand China and its diplomacy and how it has been able to develop to such a developed country with good infrastructure that most developing or under developed countries can have something they can learn from them. About the course it was well organized with timely facilitators and the organizers made sure there was no language barrier and sessions were timely done and also the field work and the visits made the training more enjoyable since we were able to have a different experience and various cultures in terms of religion.


As Africa am happy to note that china President has prioritized some countries in Africa where he want to work closely with and like for Kenya we have really benefited from the Fujian province since one the major projects ever the Wuyi on roads construction is currently working on roads in Kenya which has empowered the country economically, politically and more is being done in terms of infrastructure at national and County level. I will work with China Africa Friendship Association to ensure more relation is build between the two countries in terms of projects and improving trade relations between them and other Africa countries.


My recommendation about the training for future is to visit some of the countries that have benefited largely with the relationship between China and their country so that the liaison officers are able to learn from the experiences or even the liaison officers can have presentations on what has been achieved in their countries. It’s my hope that the Fujian investment promotion office will be inviting us often and keep communicating with all the liaison officers on the development or any difficulties we may encounter in this.


(By Deborah Gichuki)