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Provincial Leader Meets with the 10th Fujian "Friendship Award" Recipients

2017-09-30  Click:

Vice Governor Li Dejin met in Fuzhou with the representatives of the 10th Fujian Friendship Award recipients on September 29.  

Vice Governor Li congratulated these foreign experts and friends, and appreciated their contributions to Fujian Province, hoping they will continue to support the development of Fujian in the future. He also said Fujian will continuously create conditions to make it more comfortable for them to work and live in Fujian.  

The representatives of the award recipients thanked the provincial government for giving them this honor. They said they had already fit in with the local environment after working and living in Fujian for a long time, and expressed their willingness to make continuous contribution to the  development of Fujian. 

"Friendship Award is an honorary title given by the provincial government to the foreign experts and friends who have made outstanding contributions to the socio-economic development and opening up in Fujian. 117 foreign friends had won this award. This year, the honor is granted to 15 people from 11 countries.