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Fujian Opens up New Channels for Cooperation with Brazil

2017-08-11  Click:

A three-member Brazilian delegation, led by Mr. Marcelo Trevisani, representative of the governor of Santa Catarina State and General Consultant for International Affairs, visited Fuzhou and Pingtan from August 1 to 3.  

In Fuzhou, the delegation was briefed by Fujian FAO and Fujian Development and Reform Commission on the economic and social development and major industries in the province. The two sides exchanged ideas on promoting two-way cooperation in trade, education, culture, arts, and the establishment of sister relationship between tourist attractions or cities.  

Mr. Chen Chuxin, Vice President of Fujian Provincial Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, said during the talks that similarities and large room for potential cooperation have been identified between Fujian and Santa Catarina.  

In Pingtan, the delegation had talks with various government departments, covering such sectors as foreign and overseas Chinese affairs, tourism, economy, investment and social program. The two sides have shown particular interest in promoting cooperation between Pingtan and Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina.  

Consensus has been reached to establish a liaison mechanism for better information sharing in the first place, and to design cooperation plans with particular regard to tourism, education, science and technology, culture, arts and football.  

Friendly exchanges between Fujian and Santa Catarina will surely open up a new channel for Fujian-Brazil cooperation.  

Located on the southern part of Brazil, Santa Catarina State has achieved relatively balanced development among different areas with strong foundations in industry, infrastructure, science and technology, innovation and education.  

With only 1% of population living on the 2% of area, the state achieved 4th highest GDP and 2nd highest per capita GDP in the country. 

Florianópolis is a scientific and technological spearhead as well as a tourism city built on a sea island. It equips itself with sound infrastructure. The metropolis has been praised as the best city for quality of life in Brazil.