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Media Delegation from BRICS and Other Countries Visits Fujian

2017-08-16  Click:

A delegation of 15 correspondents from BRICS and other countries took a trip to Fujian from July 24 to 28. The trip is an effort initiated by Fujian Foreign Affairs Office in cooperation with the Information Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the lead up to the upcoming BRICS Summit in Xiamen. 

On July 24, Mr. Chen Chuxin, Vice President of Fujian Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, met with the delegation and briefed the journalists on Fujian, the preparation for the Xiamen Summit, and its endeavor to integrate itself into the Belt and Road Initiative by advancing the building of the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. He pointed out that Fujian features a high level of opening-up, multiple preferential policies granted by the central government, strong and sustained economic growth, and favorable eco-environment. He hoped that this trip could update them on Fujian’s socio-economic developments and cultural diversity, and help increase the understanding of Fujian in their homeland.      

In Fuzhou, the journalists exchanged views with government officials on boosting cooperation in trade, investment, industrial capacity between Fujian and BRICS as well as other countries within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. They were also shown around the Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, a living fossil of the ancient Chinese Li-Fang (alley and lane) street system, relishing in the long history and exquisite traditional arts of the city.  

In Quanzhou, the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, the group toured Jinjiang City Exhibition Hall, Anta Sports Products Limited, Kaiyuan Temple, and Jiuri Mountain, getting a first-hand experience of  the openness, inclusiveness, and diverse cultures of the port city and its booming private economy.  

In Zhangzhou, they were impressed by the thriving high-tech and food industries after visiting Kehua Technology Co., Ltd, Eastern Technology Group, Fujian Zishan Group and Fuzhen Metal Packaging Co., Ltd.  

In Xiamen, the host city of the Summit, they toured Xiamen City Planning Exhibition Hall, Meitu Inc, Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry and Gulangyu Islet, a newly designated UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, catching a glimpse of the citys history and culture and its flourishing tourism, shipbuilding and creative industries.  

The delegation consists of reporters from TV stations, newspapers, magazines and radio stations of 13 countries. The journalists expressed that the five-day trip is a fruitful one which offers them a close view of Fujian’s development and deepens their understanding about the new opportunities the Belt and Road Initiative has brought to the world. Some 20 reports on the trip have by far been published in English, French and Arabic on the mainstream media platforms in their country.