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Media Delegation of Sri Lanka Visits Quanzhou

2017-07-13  Click:

A media delegation of 14 from Sri Lanka embarked on a journey of discovery in Quanzhou, Fujian from July 1 to July 3, accompanied by Mr. Liang Zhijun, staff of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka. 

The visit covered a series of shooting and interviews in Quanzhou, the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road. The journalists were surprised to find the typically Sri Lankan smiling lion figurines and totems on the tombstones in the Ceylon Prince’s ancestral tombs, a place that bespeaks the strong bonds the two countries had in the distant past. They got a first-hand experience of the Chinese traditional art of ceramic making and captured the beauty of outstanding ceramic masterpieces in Dehua, where upmarket porcelains were produced and shipped as a major commodity along the ancient maritime silk road. They stopped in front of the Pray-for-wind stone inscriptions in the Jiuri Mountain, where grand ceremonies were held for favorable wind in the voyages centuries ago, to gain a glimpse of the splendor of Quanzhou as a grand oriental port. 

As Mr. Prasad Dodangodage, Head of the Delegation and Assistant Director of Sri Lanka Rupavahini TV Corporation(The National Television of Sri Lanka) puts it, the delegation is comprised of a wide range of journalists from TV stations, newspapers, news websites and radio stations. They will bring back home what they have seen and heard in China, and regale Sri Lankans with stories of the Maritime Silk Road to facilitate and intensify the bilateral cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.