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Southeast Asian delegation visits Fujian to draw on experience in training party members

2017-11-02  Click:

A Southeast Asian delegation with 23 members from Indonesian Democratic Party, National Mandate Party of Indonesia, the United Malays National Organization, Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), and the National League for Democracy of Myanmar participated in a study program at the Party School of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee during October 25-28. 

The program shed light on Xi Jinpings new thinking and strategies for governance, the CPCs new ideas and measures for strict self-governance, as well as education and training programs for Party officials. 

Vice President Chen Chuxin of Fujian Provincial Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries met the delegation, and provided an update of the just-concluded 19th National Congress of the CPC. 

Principal Chew Mei Fun of the MCA School of Political Studies, head of this delegation, said that the program offered the delegation a chance to know how the CPC trains its officials. She looked forward to more exchanges and cooperation between political parties of the three countries and the CPC, especially in running party schools. 

Other members commended the program, and said that their parties could draw on the CPCs good experience and practice in training party officials.